EVOC Hydro Pro 6 hydration vest

Hydro Pro
6L Review

Vital MTB

Vital MTB Gear Show

Vital MTB Gear Guru Johan Hjord gives a rundown on his experience riding with the EVOC Hydro Pro 6L hydration vest.

"We've seen a lot of change in the way we carry our spares, tools, and food over the past few years. With the evolution of on-bike storage, and the rebirth of the hip pack, more and more riders are abandoning the classic backpack in favor of something less imposing.

"But what if you still want to carry your stuff on your back, albeit a little bit less of it?

"EVOC has your back, quite literally with the new Hydro Pro 6."

Vital MTB product reviewer wearing EVOC Hydro Pro 6 hydration vest

"We're quite impressed by the Hydro Pro 6, and think it provides a good solution for those who want to carry a reduced amount of gear, but don't want to run a hip pack."