EVOC Reviews: Road Bike Bag Pro

Road bikes are amazing wonders of technology. These highly engineered carbon fiber creations excel at efficiently transferring a rider's energy into forward momentum. Optimized construction shaves weight wherever possible, and proprietary integrations aim to eke out every last bit of performance.

What they aren't designed for is traveling. Structures so carefully calculated to endure the rigors of riding sometimes prove sadly unable to cope with other forces, like an airline baggage handler's disinterested treatment of your pride and joy. But there are ways to protect your svelte road bike when you travel.

The Road Bike Bag Pro is just such a solution. Our aim in creating this unique travel bag was to provide the most robust protection for your road or triathlon bike while traveling, while also making packing and storage of the bag as easy and convenient as possible.

Did we succeed in our mission? We'd like to think so, but don't take our word for it. Read on for a review of our Road Bike Bag Pro by Cyclingtips.

Road Bike Bag Pro review by Cyclingtips: 

"Bike bags are a core product in EVOC’s extensive product range and pre-existing models have a loyal following. Their hybrid construction aims to offer the protection and easy wheeling of a hard case, combined with the lighter weight, easier packing and convenient storage of a soft bag.

"The new Road Bike Bag Pro takes many of the lessons learned with EVOC’s previous bags and brings them into a premium product with a far narrower focus. It’s an extremely interesting product with countless clever features and a design which makes it the quickest bag to pack that I’ve ever used.

EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro reviewed by Cyclingtips open with bike in it
"It seems that road bikes are forever getting harder to travel with. Over the years frames have become far more delicate to impact, brakes have become fussier to setup, and derailleurs more easily bent out of shape. And then there’s the latest trend – integrated handlebar and stem designs that are a straight-up problem to remove or adjust. As a result, the vast majority of travel cases and bags on the market can be a pain to use, and most require you to at least remove your seatpost, handlebar, pedals and wheels.
Road bike mounted to EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro frame

"There’s a lot I absolutely love about this case. The ability to leave my saddle and handlebars exactly in the right place makes this case an absolute breeze to pack and unpack. The level of protection is certainly a few notches higher than that of the comparable Scicon bag (even more so given the two-wheeled design won’t be turned upside down by baggage handlers). And the general construction quality and care in the details can’t be over-emphasised either. I truly believe that EVOC is not taking the piss with the high asking price."

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