What's in the bag?

EVOC makes a variety of backpacks, hip packs, bike seat bags and more. However, one type of bag in particular has gotten photographer Ian Hylands’ attention. As a photographer, it is key to have a bag that works for all types of activities, especially the type of photography Hylands is doing.

Hylands has been a photographer since the 80s. When he was in high school, he would go out shooting skateboarding with his friends, but he eventually transitioned into bigger action sports such as BMX, skiing, snowboarding, and then in the early 90s he began to shoot mountain biking. At the time, mountain biking was still very new, and because of that he was able to get multiple photos published at a young age. Ever since, he has mainly focused on the mountain bike scene. 

Ian Hylands taking photos
Hylands in his element

Hylands has worked for many big name companies within the industry such as Oakley, Red Bull, and Fox Racing. Now though, he works full time for Deity Components, a bicycle component manufacturer, and a place he loves. “It’s more like family than actually going to work at a job”, says Hylands. 

While Hylands has used a few different camera bags over the years, he ultimately decided that EVOC had the camera bags for him. His favorite of the series is the Stage Capture 16. This bag is great for bike rides and when you don’t need to take multiple lenses, but instead one or two extra that you can switch out if needed. The bag has a side pocket that makes for easy accessibility if you need to get your camera out quickly. It is big enough to pack a raincoat, snacks, and has a 16 liter hydration bladder as well.

Ian Hylands' CP 26


When Hylands goes out for bigger shoots, his go to is the CP 26. This bag is able to carry more lenses and bigger cameras while also having enough room to fit his extra essentials but instead with a 26 liter hydration bladder. 

Ian Hylands' gear

Hylands' Equipment

Each of the bags also come with an elastic waist belt that you can attach with velcro as well as a buckle. 

Action photography can be an already complicated profession, however with the right bag, everything can change. EVOC provides the back support and convenience that changes the game and keeps you focusing on what’s important: the shot.